Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bro-date at G-hut

Hey everyone it's B.  So the other day I met up with a good buddy of mine at Galaxy Hut, or as we like to call it, G-hut.  It's a little dive bar in Clarendon on Wilson Boulevard pretty much directly across from Whole Foods.  I love the place. In my opinion, for its size, they have one of the best beer selections in town.  You'll pay a little more per beer, but you're also getting some top notch liquid deliciousness.  The decor is not what you might expect for a little hole in the wall bar:  there's a lot of interesting art hanging on the walls, as well as several tables made up of old-school arcade games which you can play for a few quarters (we're talking Pac Man here!).  And I'll tell you a few more reasons I keep going back to this place...1.  The grilled cheese sandwich is awesome.  It's two thick slices of Texas toast, and an abundance of ooey gooey cheddar and American cheese.  Go ahead and try to find a better grilled cheese sandwich.  2.  These guys were selling tater tots before the Napoleon Dynamite craze, and they have perfected them.  These aren't the broken and smashed up tots you used to get at the cafeteria in middle school.  These bad boys are deep fried to a delicious crispy brown.  The epitome of what every tot should strive to be.  3.  As long as I'm willing to wait about 5-10 minutes, and keep a sharp eye, I can usually manage to find a couple seats at the bar.  And there's nothing better than going to a dive bar and being one of those guys with a bar seat.  You become one of the respected, the envied, the desired. Basically you become Chuck Norris, except you have a tasty beer, scrumptious grilled cheese sandwich, and the tots of a champion.

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